Monday, June 29, 2009

Pornhounds #2

Years ago when I was starting out in comics one of my first gigs was written by a really cool chick named Sharon Lintz. It is called "Pornhounds", and its about her experiences working in the back offices of porno magazines and some of the wild people she dealt with during those times. There were a few artists who collaborated with Sharon to bring the whole thing together.
Check out some examples of the artwork here.
It looks like Pornhounds #1 is still available if you're interested.

Very recently Sharon asked me to be a part of the second volume. I definitely will contribute to the book and judging by this preview she posted online (art by Nathan Schreiber) her story is taking a very important turn.

She's doing fine now and I'm glad she asked me handle some of the art.

More on that later.