Sunday, July 13, 2008

From the archives...#1 Moonwalker Video Game

I've moved recently and have found a bunch of my first "sketchbooks" from around the time I became serious about drawing and comic-producing (around age 10). As you would expect the art is pretty shitty and naive but what I find funny are the influences that creep into the art. Some of the stuff really captures the early 90's in silly ways and I really get reminded by particular cultural artifacts from that period as I look through these doodles.

I'm going to do a little series here on the blog documenting some of these drawings + influences, and highlighting some old comics that I put together as a youth.
For our first Exhibit we have a self-portrait dressed and posed like one of my favorite video game characters at the time...of all time...Michael Jackson. Now don't get me wrong, I hated and continue to not like the real guy but you have to admit the stand-up, arcade console version of Moonwalker was a pretty dope game.

I used to save quarters and dream about playing this game at the local department store. I will admit, it was a toss-up playing either Moonwalker or the game pictured below, Pitfighter.

Buzz was my choice character for Pitfigher if you were curious.