Saturday, September 08, 2007

Terry and the Pirates

I'm checking out the new Terry & the Pirates reprints from Idw. I understand that the Zeitgeist is completely different compared to the early 20th century but it's still kinda funky to imagine that this stuff was in everyday newspapers back in the thirties. Honestly I find it a bit charming and quaint. Since these excerpts were before WWII I was a bit curious about our hostility towards chinese at the time. I'm not the most well rounded history buff.

I did find this interesting article on wikipedia
"Yellow Peril"

Frankenstein in comics

There are so many fantastic Frankenstein interpretations out there. Some of my favorite artists have left very memorable Frankensteins monsters on paper. Two of the main adaptations that come to mind for me are Jack Davis' and Bernie Wrightsons versions of Mary Shelley's famous creation.

Some other well known Illustrated Frankensteins were created by Mike Ploog, Dick Briefer, and the great hotrod style artist COOP.
I decided to try my hand at Frankenstein. I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit.