Friday, November 14, 2008

First Choice: R. Crumb, Second Choice: Eddie P? Dope!

Now if you know me personally, you know that R. Crumb is pretty much tops when it comes to my artistic hero's. It stoked me out that Randall Grahm, the man-in-charge, at the Bonny Doon Vineyard company solicited my talents after first approaching Crumb for an ad campaign.

I caught a glimpse of the text below while checking the Bonnydoonvineyard site to see how the poster looked online:

"My first notion, despite the long odds, was to try to persuade Robert Crumb to draw the strip. I had perhaps rather too completely identified with Crumb's ironic, self-deprecating persona(7), and if I were advertising in the Wine Spec, I wanted to telegraph, as it were, some degree of ironic detachment. Crumb was of course not available, but we had the tremendous fortune to discover a young, brilliant cartoonist, Ed Piskor, who was hungry for the gig, and ended up doing an absolutely remarkable job. Ed lives on the East Coast and seemingly never sleeps, at least not at night. We exchanged perhaps 300 e-mails over the course of a couple of months, typically very late at night (Pacific Standard Time), and invariably I would get a response back within picoseconds. Ed so pushed himself to do a great job that it inspired me to really put on my own Doonce cap and give him the most thoughtful language and design ideas I could possibly conceive. Whether the ad will be successful in the end is perhaps incalculable, but I have had the greatest time in working on it."

You can read Randall's complete preface to our poster by clicking here.

You can check out our hard work by clicking here.

It's almost 6:30 am. now, I think I'll go to sleep.