Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now Reading...

Since my recent artistic debacles, missteps, and mistakes, I decided to chill out and bury my nose in some classic material to get a sense of rejuvenation.

Yeah, dude, the Two Fisted Tales Hardcover set made its way to my house recently. Now I did read these in the passed but it has been a while, I polished off the first book tonight. I will be honest, I felt the way I did as a kid when I first looked at comics when reading these stories. I feel a great sense of joy and entertainment reading these yarns and I highly recommend them to anyone. Anything you have heard good about these books is true, Kurtzman has created some masterpieces that every cartoonist should study. If you can manage to absorb a fraction of Kurtzman's skill at design, storytelling ability and composition, you will become a master.