Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Evolution of a City Paper Cover

1. Get the call/email detailing the project from the client. Do you have time to do it? Is the concept up your alley? Yes? Good, then give the art director a sketch detailing your vision. It doesn't have to be that great or intricate. Just make sure all the elements that you want in the final version are their for approval. Send off the sketch and wait to hear back.
2. You got the approval from the art director after the sketch was discussed with the editor. Maybe you have to change a few things, maybe not. In this example I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a background. I decided to adlib the American Flag as a backdrop. Now it's time to send it off to see if this improvisation goes along withe what the client wants.
3. Thankfully, the client dug the concept but had only one note. "Shrink the dude a bit so that we can get our logo in there!!". So after that edit it was time to send the drawing off awaiting the application of the Logo, Headline, and other details.
4. The art director (in this instance the awesome Lisa Cunningham) applies her magic touches to complete the piece and then it's off to the presses.