Friday, October 05, 2007

Tampa Bay Creative Loafing Cover

The people at the Creative Loafing Company are kinda into my work right now. Here is a cover that I put together for them for their Tampa Bay paper. The assignment was to illustrate the fact that the head guy in charge of road planning was a former pro football player and that he's not necessarily making the best decisions. The logical idea was to show his brainstorming sessions like they were football plays. Here is the first design. Doesn't pack much of a punch.
Thankfully I did all of the elements of the piece separately so I was able to create a more visually interesting scene without much extra work. Below is the version that we will probably go with for the final cover. I think that it's pretty apparent based on the Atlanta Cover I drew and this cover that I am an assassin for these guys to help annihilate the things they find ridiculous, whether it's Atlanta seceding from the rest of jerk-water Georgia or criticizing a guy who has a really important job for being a retarded jock. If you know me, you know making fun of people is a real specialty of mine, so I am happy to oblige.